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Heidi Beidinger Calls for Indiana legislature to protect reproductive freedom


JULY 25, 2022

Contact: Mary Noone


Heidi Beidinger Attends Bans Off Our Bodies Rally July 25 at Legislative Session Opening

South Bend, Indiana – Heidi Beidinger (D) today announced that she will be in attendance at the Bans off Indiana rally at the Statehouse, Monday, July 25, at 11:30 a.m. to demand state lawmakers keep abortion safe, legal, and accessible in Indiana.

“I believe that all of us, whether we’re Democrats or Republicans, whatever our race, and wherever we live, must have the freedom to make our own decisions about the most personal of issues – how, when, and whether we bring children into this world. I call on the Indiana legislature to preserve the right to abortion in order to keep as many girls and women as possible safe, alive, and thriving.

“The extreme GOP’s bill banning abortion robs women of their bodily autonomy and ties the hands of doctors who are committed to saving lives. We’ve already seen women across the country nearly bleed to death before doctors could save their lives, fearing prosecution for intervening too soon.

“Indiana currently has a maternal mortality rate that’s more than double the national average, and we face a shortage of OBGYN physicians, leaving 650,000 Hoosier women in an obstetric desert. A complete ban on abortion will make a dangerous situation even worse, requiring women to travel even farther to access the healthcare they need.

“I have dedicated my entire career to making Indiana’s communities safe and healthy. As a public health official and a candidate for Indiana’s House District 5, I call on every member of the Indiana legislature to put the lives of women first and keep abortion legal and safe.”

Beidinger is a signatory to the IndyStar open letter signed by more than 1400 medical and public health professionals.

Beidinger is the democratic candidate for House District 5. She is President of the St. Joseph County Board of Health and teaches public health at the University of Notre Dame. She’s an alumna of Indiana University.

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