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Heartfelt Thank You!

Dear Friends,

Though we fell short in our campaign for House Seat 5, I believe that we Hoosiers truly value our freedoms and will continue to fight for them in the years to come. I want to thank all the members of Team Heidi who worked tirelessly over the course of the campaign. You organized events, knocked on doors, worked the phones, supported us financially, and talked to voters in every corner of the district. We’re all devastated, but we’ll get back up again and continue to work to realize our values of freedom, inclusion, equality, and hope.

I’m going to work in the coming months and years to convince Hoosiers that they CAN have a say in their futures. I hope that those of you who came together to fight for freedom with me will continue on with us to fight this battle. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and later President Barack Obama, said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” We will work toward that freedom and justice in Indiana, and we won’t give up, even if the road is long and difficult.

I stand for inclusion, hope, and freedom for every American, and I know that you’ll join me as we work to bring that to Indiana. I'll be working with Hoosier Victory Alliance going forward to find a path forward. I urge you to sign up at to stay involved!




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