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South Bend, Indiana – Heidi Beidinger (D) today announced that she is running for the Indiana House of Representatives Seat in District 5.

Born and raised in South Bend, IN, Beidinger and her husband have lived, worked and raised their three children in Granger for the past twenty years. Beidinger currently serves as the President of St. Joseph County’s Board of Health.

“I have dedicated my entire career to making our local communities safe and healthy, and believe that we deserve representatives who work toward these goals,” said Beidinger. “I’m running because our current elected officials are more concerned with political victories than practical ones, and Hoosiers deserve better leadership. My focus will be on ensuring that all Hoosier families come first. We need access to quality healthcare, control over decisions that affect their bodies, protection from unchecked gun violence, opportunities for world-class education, and a healthy environment to live and work in.

Beidinger has deep connections in the District 5 community through her work on the Board of Health and her longstanding research on preventing lead poisoning, reducing infant and maternal mortality, and treating and preventing HIV. She has spent much of her career finding solutions for health problems that disproportionately impact children, mothers, and underserved communities.

“I never thought I’d run for office, but community members across the district continue to share with me their disappointment and anger at the Indiana Republican supermajority’s poor treatment of working families and disinterest in prioritizing healthy and safe communities. I am running to use my voice and expertise to improve Indiana’s future, and to fight against the Republican supermajority that pays lip service to families while voting for bills that undermine their health, safety, and economic security.

Beidinger’s opponent for House Seat 5, Dale DeVon, is out of touch with the community. He believes in imposing his personal religious views on women’s decisions over their own bodies and was one of the principal sponsors of the bill that legalized discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community (masquerading as a law to extend religious freedom). Furthermore, DeVon voted for permitless carry of firearms against the advice of law enforcement and —as a House member for the past 10 years— is a primary architect of a failed educational policy that is pushing employers out of the state because of an ill-prepared workforce.

“Dale DeVon is an extremist whose support for limiting women’s rights, cutting teacher wages, and making access to guns easier tells us all we need to know. He’s had a decade in Indianapolis to show us who he is, and after 10 years we know we can do so much better.”

“I am excited and inspired by the encouragement and support from my family, friends, and community members. I will run a campaign that is based in facts, not lies, and one that everyone can see themselves supporting. My education and experience as a teacher, entrepreneur, community advocate, and health executive has prepared me to be a powerful voice for our community,” Beidinger added.


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