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FREEDOM to be 

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I ran for office to represent our shared values rooted in freedom. I'll continue to fight to make our corner of Indiana a place where Hoosiers can live, work, and play safely.

I was born and raised in South Bend, to immigrant parents who lived through WWII in Europe and raised me to care for my sisters, work hard, respect my aunts and uncles, and be self sufficient. I raised my kids in Granger with these same values of respect and hard work.

I decided to run for House Seat 5 after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, and I recognized that my daughters would not have the choices, autonomy, and freedoms that I have had. We face an existential challenge from extremists who want to limit individual freedom and human dignity, and to increase the government's reach into our personal lives.

These extremists are imposing their will, their beliefs, and their religion on all of us.  This is exactly the opposite of what our community and the majority of citizens want. Polls show that the overwhelming majority of us—across political party, gender, class, and race—want autonomy over our bodies and access to life saving medical care when we need it.  The vast majority of us also want to see background checks for gun ownership, so we can be safer from the wave of gun violence rending our nation.


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Heathy Families


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All in For Indiana Families

I'm running for the Indiana State House to put the health and safety of Hoosier families first. We need access to quality healthcare, control over decisions that affect our bodies, protection from unchecked gun violence, opportunities for world-class education, and a healthy environment to live and work in.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg appointed me to the St. Joseph County Board of Health in 2016, and I'm now president of this Board of Health. I've dedicated my career to public health and policy, including preventing lead poisoning, reducing infant and maternal mortality, and treating and preventing HIV.

I'm running for all of our daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews who want to live healthy and safe lives, free from government control of our most private decisions, and free from gun violence spurred on by easy access to firearms and legal open-carry laws.

Healthy Indiana

All in For a Healthy Indiana

I teach public health at the University of Notre Dame, and conducted research that helped create a lead-screening kit for homes, to keep our children safe from lead poisoning. 

As your Representative in the State House, I'll continue to focus on our community's health: improved access to quality healthcare, clean air and water for us and our kids, control over healthcare decisions that affect our bodies and our lives, and common sense, responsible laws that limit who has access to weapons of war.

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